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Did you know that cutting your child's hair at home can save you a couple thousand dollars per child, do the math for yourself, your savings add up quickly. Photo from the "How to Cut Kid's Hair Video".

Question - Should I cut my child’s hair at home or should I pay someone else to cut it for me?

Your child needs a haircut what should you do? Go to the hair salon or cut your child’s hair at yourself at home?

Here are some factors to consider: Time, expense, appearance, safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Cutting your child’s hair at home can be both a timesaver and a convenience. Most hair salons require appointments in advance or ask you to wait in a noisy room, reading ancient magazines and waiting for the next available hairdresser. By cutting your kids hair at home you can choose a time that is best suited for your schedule and the needs of your child and cut your kids hair anytime you want.

The expense of taking you child to a hair salon or barber can add up very quickly. Haircuts for one child can easily cost more than $100 per year, if you have more than one child them the price can become significant. Providing haircuts at home requires that you to spend approximately $15- $25 for a pair of quality hair cutting sheers and take advantage of already existing combs and brushes that you already own. If you have two children you can plan on saving well over $3,000 just by cutting their hair yourself.

An important thing to consider here is that while you may not be Vidal Sassoon on your first haircut your skills and abilities will rapidly improve and furthermore you will have the opportunity to cut and trim your children’s hair as often as you want, ensuring that it always has a pleasing appearance.

Cutting your child’s hair at home is as safe or safer than having a professional cut it at a hair salon because you will bring that extra concern and attention to the haircut. Being safe means putting safety first. The hair cutting scissors you will use are safe to use but be sure to use extra care around the ears and when cutting with the tips of the scissors. You can also eliminate accidents by ensuring that the chair you use to cut your child’s hair is secure and that your child will sit comfortably during the duration of the haircut. A salon can be just as safe as cutting your childs hair at home because the harsh chemicals, dyes and bleaches will not be used on your child.

One of the most popular benefits of cutting young childrens hair at home is that they will be in a comfortable environment. Imagine how much more comfortable your child will be getting his or her hair cut by you at home versus in a strange barbershop by someone you child has never met. Heaven forbid some of the kids there start crying and what could have been a fun experience turns into one filled with anxiety for everyone.

By cutting your kids hair at home you can create an excellent way to spend time with your child and care for them in a hands on way. Over time getting a haircut will grow to be something special that you and your child grow to enjoy as a special time to spend together.