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Imagine reading this news story...

Tooth Fairy Buys Hair Fairy Inc. for $1.8 Billion ~ Moms get $3,000

Parents Win Big
“Parents will be the big gainers in this deal,” say Peter Zucker, RBS senior business analyst. Data from a 2007 survey suggests that kids are receiving $1.71 per tooth, but parents could rake in vastly larger sums. Zucker explains, “since kids’ only have 20 baby teeth their total potential earnings are capped at $34.20, but hair keeps on growing and I expect the average parent’s profits to be almost 100 times greater."

Cash Never Leaves Your Wallet
Take $20.00 per haircut, once a month for an average of 12.5 years and “that’s $3,000 per kid, what parent will ignore that kind of easy cash?” asks Zucker. Want to get in on the action? According to Hair Fairy spokesman Alby Small, parents just need to cut their kids’ hair at home, sweep it up, place it in the kitchen garbage and “we’ll make sure that $20.00 never leaves their wallet.”

“So Excited I Spilled”
“Heck yeah” shouted Laura Jones, when she read the New York Times headline as she exited her local Starbucks. “I was so excited I spilled half my double decaf nonfat sugar free White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino on some really cute guy.” Jones said that with three boys she could keep enough money in her wallet to pay “that outrageous cable bill.” And added, “I know I can learn to cut my kids’ hair, my mom cut mine.”


Safe and Comfortable Kids
Alby Small notes “parents can provide love and caring for their children and gain personal satisfaction”. Just imagine how much safer and more comfortable your children will feel having their hair cut by you at home than by a total stranger at a crowded salon.

You can do it!
You may be asking yourself isn’t it challenging to learn, can I really cut my kids’ hair at home and have it look good? Yes you can. You can do it!

Remember the First Time
Remember the first time you gave your child a bath. Remember how anxious you were? Worrying about making the water too hot or too cold, taking care to make sure that the soap you used was mild and remember how quickly you bundled them up after the bath was over so that they wouldn’t catch cold. Now fast forward to today. Isn't it true that today giving your child a bath is easy and fun? In fact it’s so easy you don’t even think about it. Cutting your kids hair is the same way. Just watch the “How to Cut Kids’ Hair Video” and you will quickly gain the skills and confidence you need to start cutting your kids’ hair today.

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Watch and learn from an expert hair stylist and instructor.

• Learn the skills and techniques to cut your kids’ hair
• Build your confidence
• Save money
• Spend more time enjoying your kids
• Eliminate your child’s anxiety
• Gain dozens of great insider tips

The “How to Cut Kids’ Hair Video” teaches you everything you need to know to get started cutting you kids’ hair right away. It takes you through a description and demonstration of the proper scissors and accessories and how to use them, how to prepare for giving a haircut and guides you step-by-step through an actual kid's haircut from beginning to end. Most importantly the style, pace and teaching method used in the “How to Cut Kids’ Hair Video” have been developed to build your skills and confidence. After watching the “How to Cut Kids’ Hair Video” you will be able to start cutting your children’s hair right away.

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Join smart parents just like you who are learning how to cut their kids’ hair at home and saving money, feeling proud of their accomplishment and having a great time with their kids.

The “How to Cut Kids’ Hair Video” is available as a streaming video and you will be able to pause, rewind, fast forward and repeat the video as needed, no additional software is necessary.

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Holiday Haircut
Think of the value, for the price of a single haircut you can save $3,000 per child. Now that is a wise investment.

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