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Photo from the "How to Cut Kid's Hair Video", the easy way to learn how to cut your kids hair at home. Watch and learn from an expert hair stylist and instructor. Available as on DVD or right now as a streaming video.

Welcome to How to Cut Kids Hair.
Empower yourself right now by gaining the knowledge and courage to give your kid’s a great haircut at home.

I’m sure that if you take a second and count up how much you will save by cutting your kids hair yourself it will shock you. Besides saving a couple thousand dollars per child and not having to go through the hassle of driving, waiting around and hoping that you get a stylist that doesn’t roll her eyes why your child’s turn finally comes, learning how to cut your kid’s hair yourself is a FUN! Like everything in life it takes a bit of practice to get comfortable with giving a good haircut, but don’t worry you will quickly master the skills and it will make for a special time to spend with your children.

The instruction method for How to Cut Kids Hair was professionally developed to teach you how to quickly get started giving great haircuts. The written material available on the website were designed to summarize and compliment the "How to Cut Kid's Hair Video".

The "How to Cut Kid's Hair Video", begins with a discussion and demonstration of all the tools you will need, including what you should expect to pay and where to buy them as well as how to choose a good pair of scissors.

From there the video teaches you about preparing for the haircut and how to ensure your success.

At the heart of the "How to Cut Kid's Hair Video", is an actual start to finish haircut so that you can learn exactly how it’s done. During the haircut, each and every technique is clearly demonstrated and described to you.

Following the haircut is a wrap up discussion and a bunch of valuable haircutting tips.

Build your haircutting skills including:
1. How to choose a good pair of haircutting scissors and where to buy them.
2. Learn all the other tools you need to give your child a great haircut at home.
3. Watch and learn all the steps and techniques from the "How to Cut Kid's Hair Video".
4. How to cut great looking bangs, the most important part of any haircut.
5. Tons of additional useful tips from a haircutting expert.
6. Printable child's haircut preparation checklist.
6. See a real kid’s haircut from beginning to end.
7. Tips to keep your young child still and focused, making the job much easier.